Would love to get !geo back somehow

Hi, first of, I'd like to thank you guys for giving me the chance of helping out as an admin the server.

I do have a question tho ... Since PB was gone from WaW, the !geo command does not work. However, is it possible to use geotag/geolite from java? I am not sure what the scripts are written in, but as javascript have possibilities to call GetLocation, it would help alot to be able to see what country players are from, to give them rules and such on their own language if their English is not good, or existing at all...

Most problems I have, is to communicate with players that don't speak English well, all tho I type [NAME] country/language/lingo ?? and I often get an answer where ppl are from... then I can give them rules in their language, or I google translate a few quick notes to them.

But it would help alot if !geo was back, or something similar to help us figuring out where a player is located. Country is really enough, to help them understand the rules.

I am not a coder, so I can't say much if it's possible, or how much work it would be, only that I found GetLocation was used alot in javascripts, and alot of the scripts I've seen on different servers was written in that in Maven!

Cheers all!

Lt. Morrighan