Where is everyone??

It is sad to see this server empty and almost all activity gone. WAW will still be my favorite COD version. Kevin2009, where the hell are you; you bum??

Re:Where is everyone??

Im here everyday.... at the moment there are only 8 on the server. It gets busy on weekends. And since the other rankup that gives 10000 points per kills thats where everyone goes but if they know of this rankup they will come over to rank weapons because the other fast rankup only levels you up.


btw... Kevin was on 5 hours ago.... He uses a new account Kevin_2009, not Kevin2009. but he doesn't stay too long much anymore. :(

Hey Limb, how have you and

Hey Limb, how have you and Pawt been? Man I really miss the good ole days of WAW. The version that introduced Nazi zombies to the gaming community. Wish they would make WAW 2. I still stop by every once and a while, hope to see you next time. Pawt's death numbers are insane.