New Admin... cappy1892

I spoke with cappy1892 in TS and we seem to be on the same page on things. He meets all the requirements and have made him a level 1 admin, and he understands this is a 90 day probationary period. cappy1892 if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Welcome aboard!

Good Luck cappy!

Welcome Cappy...

...aboard !
Greet to meet a new admin :)
Good luck and cu on the server.


I have spoken with cappy in my TS he's kind of an old fart... but I think we still except them if they can use a keyboard.. ;)

And Cappy.. Napalm is a good admin to watch and learn from too....

Happy Trails to you... (I wanted to say "Cappy Trails to you"" but.... I didn't.)

Cheers for the welcome. I do

Cheers for the welcome.

I do have one question tho.
what is the OFFICIAL ratio ?
reason i ask, the server was spamming.70 ratio, a player called Chairman swapped from the Russian side to the german side,as i had told him that as long as the stats where green he should be ok to kill..

Another admin, who shall remain nameless.. spammed :your ratio needs to be 1 or you will be kicked," the admin then changed the ratio from .7 to 1.0 and without any warning to the player in question, stuck Chairman on probation, subsequently he was kicked., immediately after chairman was kicked said admin changed the ratio back to.7
Now as you all know im new here, and i dont want to ruffle feather for the sake of it, but as an outsider looking in, the best way to have a server empty is to have admins that have no self control and who abuse their powers. to me the above scenario seemed just that, an abuse of admin power.

If i can make a suggestion, why not have a ratio and keep it, no matter what you decide, be it .5, .7 or 1.0 just keep it, it saves any hassle and everyone knows where they stand{im talking players here }


I just checked the stats of ChairmanH.... unreal his ratio is (0.984)... Are you kidding me, an admin actually created a situation just to put him on Probation. Please let me know which admin it was that did such a thing when you see me active on the server, We do NOT need admins just targeting players for the hell of it if the players are following the rules....
To raise the ratio only to put a respectful player on probation and then kick him is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

Grounds for deduction in Rank. Or maybe even removal of his admin rights for CREATING a situation to have a player placed on probation to just kick him in such a manner then lower the ratio back to normal is unacceptable. We don't need admins like that.


BTW.. the ability to raise and lower the ratio serves its purpose.... I have seen like 10 or 12 on Germans and 4 or 5 on Russians. So you need the ability to change the ratio to thin the German group out to balance the server.

i understand that there will

i understand that there will be times, like you mentioned, for a higher ratio to be implemented.
but as i said above, lifting the ratio to 1.0 only seen fit to remove the only player who was killing, so we went from 7 russians being killed, by a guy who ratio was approx .90-.95 to the server having no one to do the shooting.

Seeing as you asked, the admin was Hunter222 what action you guys take is upto you, but i couldnt not bring it to your attention and keep a clear conscience. the subsequent interactions between Chairman, another pubber {purlas?}and Hunter lead to a bit of a slanging i said above, it appeared as tho it was an over zealous admin looking to flex his muscles


The 1.0 is ONLY a suggestion to keep them out of trouble for when the ratio does change. NOBODY should be getting kicked for not having a 1.0 ratio. period.