An old admin wishes..

Hee hee..boys 'n gurls!

Been like a thousand years ago ive been here, Limb, Pawt and evryone else, hope you doin alright across the waters!
Im cleaning out some very old stuff on my very old pc and noticed some old passwords still on this. Im happy to find this pass and still working order, so I was in need to just put a message on here.

Just want to wish evryone a very good xmass and start for the next upcomming year!
Stay healthy, stay frosty, and tons of fun, food and ofcourse not in the least fun ;-)

Was thinking maby install CoD again and just get on the server say hello to the kids and all lol.
I'll think about it ok, now I have some spare time left I don't see to get filled in just about well getting old guys :)

Well I will not spoil and bore u anylonger, just hope and wish u all a goody goods..and still luvin ya all...kinda miss you all! Be good now and say hello to the wifes and the kids from a kinda chilly windy and rainy Netherlands.

Hey T

I have been vacationing alot this past month. good to hear from you. Miss you too. Can't wait till you come back if you want to.


Hey Tommy!

Good to hear from you... Glad you're still kicking. Would love to see you again!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!