Once Again........

KIller510, my dear admin friend..... Please STOP using the speed to regulate what probation command is suppose to do.... Once again (now well over 6 times) I came on and it was left at slow speed, and players were leaving because they couldn't move. We are already slow enough with the lack of players coming in to Rank, they have moved over to the "New" Rankup Server. We cannot afford to be losing players.

With Highest Regards,


ok killer.. you spoke your mind, it actually made ZERO difference on the outcome... you got your feelings hurt and you needed to lash out at the one that made the post, which was ME. Facts remain the same... I only brought it up again like this because it has been brought to your attention on more then a few occasions to no avail. If it makes you feel like you need to lash out... so be it.... I am, and WILL stand behind my post. With you talking about "My Shit" only makes me have a feeling that you hold some form of contempt for me, which I will not change... As for me banning for bomb plant's, are you kidding me? that is just another command for the server... funny... Bilco use to complain about Cueman doing the same thing and now cueman is attached to bilco's "whatever".... Listen, I have been more then fair, Just because I FINALLY made this post and you get your panties in a knot only shows me you have the child like mannerisms, spoiled as you put it and to "accuse" me of that (waaaay off base) and of spamming. But to be fair, is to let you speak your mind.

I put more work in this server then you notice.... I have been here long enough and have heard this same bullshit from and about other admins over the years.... Bilco use to complain to me about it all the time, about the different admins and basically about the same shit. Well it's nice to know that your friendship was only skin deep... you remove me from your friends list on steam... Is that like you're taking your ball and going home... Saves me from cutting the pork fat off my actual friends list. Now I see where we stand... enjoy yourself. and have fun.

Finished. Nothing more to say....


Your seem to be so worked up over a 7 year old game that no one really plays anymore. You really want to know what i think of you here it is. You are the worst admin iv worked with. Not only do you have no compassion for the server you see it as your own little playing ground to witch you can play god in. You hide behind your lvl 10 knowing you cant be touched and drove other admin out with you hardheadedness. Do i care what you think (FUCK NO) Do you care what i think (I don't give a shit). All I cared about was taking care of the server. I wanted to help people level up and have some fun in doing so but its hard to do that when i know you are just waiting for someone to screw up so you can get your god fix. The !speed was used to stop players from killing while i told them what was up and why they needed to die. Sure i left it on and i agree on the 6 or 7 times that iv done so.You on the other had are just a cold asshole to players. I took you off my friends list because on the multiple occasions that I tryed to contact you regarding the server you never responded. Why the fuck would i keep you on my friends list if I 1. never played anything with you and 2. you never responded. Why the hell are you bringing up Bilco and cueman for? Is that all you can talk about. Oh and you call me Jealous HAHA I would never be jealous of you, I never wanted lvl 10 if that's what you are getting at. If you keep hearing the same Bullshit over the YEARS, could it be you that has the problem and not the other admins. Also the using other admins names to type you shit about that admin just proves how big of a child you are. Your probably going to do it to me as well but i really dont care. Wtf is this "you got your feelings hurt and you needed to lash out at the one that made the post" You really expected me not to say anything in a post that was in regards to me? Are you stupid or were you not expecting anything out of me? We lost more player that i drove out with the speed when PunkBuster Discontinued service tor this game. All i think you are worried about is losing this server because without this server you know what you are, NOTHING. You would have to go find a real hobby. After you read this post I dont care what you do. Because deep down you know what you are. Pathetic. Before you say that this made ZERO difference to you please remember I Dont Give A Fuck What You Think.


I am not worked up... more like frustrated because you never listened, did you care what I thought, it was obvious you didn't, because you kept using the !speed command even after asking you not to. I have mentioned it to you on several occasions to please stop using the !speed command ONLY because of the one reason that you would go AFK with it still set to the slowest speed. And as for compassion for the server, that is why I have on several occasions KINDLY reminded you to just use the !pr command... And I am not a cold asshole, I am just a normal asshole.... As for hearing the same bullshit over the years was in regards to the banning of Bomb planters. That was the reason why I brought up Bilco and Cueman... Bilco use to bring that up to me all the time about how Cueman always was the admin to catch the bomb planters. As if he just sat there to ban them... So you accused me of that very thing yourself, which again proves that you do not see all that I actually do. As for my personal life and how it would be without this server, again, you have no clue as to what my other hobbies are (Hunting, Fishing, Watch Collecting, Firearm collecting, Survival supplies), and I can go on.. But my personal life is not the issue here. If it brings you great pleasure to drum up this image in your head of "who" I actually am and how "pathetic" my life is, I hope it helps you with dealing with this. I am glad you were able to vent your frustrations, it's unfortunate you were not mature enough to take the criticism and simply take it and run with it. That's all I had asked of you was to use the !pr command instead of slowing everybody down for one person. It's pretty simple.. you put them on probation and if they kill someone because they do not want to follow the rules, they get kicked. I saw a prime example just last night, you were telling a player that had well over 3000 kills past his ratio to switch teams, and he wouldn't. Holy Crap! Did you want to just sit there and keep threatening him (talk about playing God). Just put him on probation and then you do not need to waste YOUR time trying to get a player to follow the rules when in fact he didn't want to listen to you in the first place. So for that incidence I DID go use the !pr command. The binds are pretty clear what you need to do. But on occasions you get players that simply ask what kind of server this is... It was never my intentions for you to quit, simply pointing out once again you left the server in slow motion... Be as it may.



Sooo.. you think I haven't spent time explaining.. that is not totally correct, MANY times, and I mean MANY times, I have been here on my other system and solely do the commands.... Let me make this clear...... I will continue to put them on probation ASAP if needed. It PREVENTS them from coming back in while there is no active admin and racking up a shit tons of kills... Next time I WILL set you back to level 8... No if ands or buts about it..... Oh, and BTW, its been more then a "few" times.

and thank you for all that you do...

calling me on "my" shit?

what the fuck you talking about? You think you are the only one here all the time, that's funny.... I sit here more then you think I do. So you say when anyone calls me on "My Shit" I do the same thing? Well.. if it's talking shit about me, my reaction will be the same.... And I have NEVER just pulled "SHIT" on anyone without talking to them AND Pawt first, so if you wanna pull some "BS" from some orifice to try and justify you leaving the speed to slow.. have at it. It has been brought to your attention more then a few times. So lets hear your story about "my shit"....
you said

"Sun, 11/02/2014 - 16:46 — KILLER5100

I should of seen that reply coming. Its the same thing you say when anyone calls you on your shit."


killer please explain to me what "SHIT" you are referring to? and please be detailed, none of this "vague" bullshit.

The "SHIT"

1. come visit our website...
hahaha... because I can, so I do it..... let them come and visit the website.
/ Ok now you just sound like a spoiled child with power.

hahaha.. spoiled child.. you just learning this shit in school? Psyc 101... haha

2. I will continue to put them on probation ASAP if needed.
/ Then you are missing the whole point of the !cr and !wr. If a player is going over the set 200 kill limit warn then. Its not like the rules of the server are shown to the players when they join, How the hell do they know about the rules if its never shown to them.

Are you fucking kidding me!! I have NEVER just put a player on probation without the other commands!!!
I know I have accidentally pressed my enter key on other keyboard on accident when going to press shift on other keyboard accidentally hitting my other keyboard. But FOR YEARS I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TELLING ALL ADMINS TO USE TOTAL COMMANDS. I just saw you telling a guy that owed over 3000 deaths to switch! Are you Kidding Me! PUT HIM ON PROBATION!!!! YOUR RESPONSE... "Well.. I know who he is... ohhh.. that makes me feel a lot better... maybe you'll catch him someday.... " THAT'S IF YOU'RE THERE! PUT THESE GUYS ON PROBATION!!!!!

3. I sit here more then you think I do.
/ Well if you do sit there why do i rarely see you do anything besides gain deaths and spam your binds. You have been a lvl 9 admin before i even becamse a lvl 1 and iv almost passed you in admin stats.


Ohhhh... I see this has become and ego thing with you.... it will come with age young man...
If that be the case that I have been level 9 when you were level 1, you need to mind your manners....
padding does wonders, it doesn't change the facts.


The title of admin makes you a person of power to help the players learn the rules and to make swift decision when needed to help the server. How the fuck are you doing that if all you do is hit your probation button without saying shit first.



omg..... you ok?


I should of seen that reply coming. Its the same thing you say when anyone calls you on your shit.


I do put them on probation but sorry i don't believe in instantly putting someone on probation without warning them a few times first or at all. You probability drove more people out of the server by putting them on probation, getting them kicked, and not explaining to them why there on probation or being kicked. So what i accidentally leave the speed low a few times, Im human but im on the server watching over it most of the day doing more work then i see you do limb. The most i ever see you do is banning bomb planters and spamming your !pr before anything else. Oh and on the bomb planters why do you say come visit our site? Last iv checked People have to register here and then wait for approval to comment here and most of the time the approval never comes.

come visit our website...

hahaha... because I can, so I do it..... let them come and visit the website.


We've gone over this too many times. PROBATION! PROBATION! PROBATION!!!!!

Nuf Said.