RealEstufa and Mumblr

RealEstufa has been banned for disrespect to admin, name calling. First he was throwing nades on red army and i told him to stop thats where Mumblr comes into the story. After telling real to stop useing nades on red army mumblr started staying that its not harmin anyone and told real to continue throwing them. After he use a nade again i kicked him for 5 mins. About 7 mins later Real returned to the server and started bad mouthing me calling me a "Scrublord", I have no life bla bla bla so i banned him. Then Mumblr started saying im abuseing my admin and i need to unban him, then started telling me admin rules from the website. after about 15 mins of going back and forth i kick Mumblr for the day for continueing to tell a admin what to do. I have a few screenshots of the whole thing.

LOL Thanks

I'm kewl with it.



omg... some peoples kids. nice call.

mhh in a weird way mumblr

mhh in a weird way mumblr found my account on steam and asked me if he couldt use my account here to send a message on this forum becuase he whas banned from the serverand i said no and blocked him an delete him from steam