!speed Command

Not sure who is doing this but today I came into the server and I couldn't move, I have experienced this many times before, the !speed was set so you couldn't run. I watched probably 5 or 6 Germans leave the server because they couldn't run to kill. I called out to any admins and nobody answered me.
I had just discussed this very thing to another admin yesterday and then it happens again... Its not exactly healthy for the server to have players quitting because they cant move... I understand the reasoning behind slowing down the player to prevent them from killing, but that is what !pr is for, to rid those not following the rules.

Lets try and be more mindful guys...

Have fun!


I will ask Slowninja for the server logs on all the !speed commands for the past week.

Thank you,

It happened again tonight...


Remove before you leave Please.

I too understand the reasoning and use it frequently. If I have done it and forgot, I apologize. However, Please set the speed back normal before leaving server. We are slow as it is and need people to stay.

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Totally agree...

...with your comments, Limb !
I have an idea who is do that...
For sure, it isn't me.