killling yourself will get you banned

I saw an admin post this in game. Since when is that a rule or even a banable offense? When one kills themself, it does not affect their ratio. So why ban them? I could understand if someone was killing and the player on red just non-stopped killed illegally, but that's what probation is for. They get an auto kick for illegal killing. So if I'm a killing player and there was no weapon on the ground that I wanted to rank up with and I killed myself to change class I could be banned? Or even if I did a suicide grenade (which we all do) I could be banned? No one was killing on the server at the time at which this happened and the player was on red army. The player only killed himself and nothing illegal was done. So WTF? I see no problem with it at all. Kids will be kids. I do understand that the rules say that there is to be no killing from red army but that pertains to illegal killing, correct?

The reason that I am bringing this to the forums is that when I asked the admin, he stated that other admins were banning people for this. So was there a change to the rules that I don't know about? Someone needs to fill me in on this one.

OK, Now that I am back.

There will be NO banning for killing ones self. Kicking is more than appropriate for this offence.


By the lack of responses to

By the lack of responses to this post, I will assume that there was no rule change and that this is abuse of admin privileges. Don't abuse what you can lose...

Red army is not allowed to

Red army is not allowed to use nades for any reason. This is to keep the risk of killing a german to a low.


BUT!! It is NOT something to ban ANYONE for. Period

If ANY admin has banned red army for killing themselves with nades, PLEASE unban them! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Limb what about when they constantly make illegal kills when doing doing so and despite kicks we cant ban them then ?


of course you can ban anyone for habitual rule breaking.. that would go without saying.... BUT my suggestion would be to give them a lengthy kick instead and if that doesn't work then ban, but banning would be a last resort.

I understand your point, now

I understand your point, now understand mine. There was nobody killing! How the hell was he to kill a german? Why the fuck would you ban someone for killing himself? Kick someone maybe, but ban someone? For real? Must be an unwritten rule somewhere that I never heard or saw. Like I said, kids will be kids. You wanna ban the entire population and empty the server? If I hide the Bomb, I use a nade to kill myself. I'm on red army, guess I should be banned.


I agree with killer, that throwing nades on red army is not acceptable, I warn them then kick them if they persist in throwing nades, but I do not ban them, that would be silly, unless of course they are deliberately making illegal kills on a persistent basis then I would ban them.
There is no point saying you can throw nades one moment then you can't the next, this will cause confusion for all players and result in illegal kills, there needs to be consistency and cohesion amongst admins as to how we enforce the rules.
With regards to you point about being banned for blowing yourself up on when hiding bomb is accepted practice, For fucks sake do we kick ourselves for running around on red army and leaving the pit.


Again... That is correct... Red Army are NOT suppose to be doing ANYTHING but maybe scratching their "nuts"... BUT!! You do NOT ban anyone for using them, kick them if need be, but we shouldn't be banning for it..

The whole point is that we

The whole point is that we should not be banning people for this reason. A kick I can see. I have no beef with that. It's the whole banning thing that I see a problem with unless they continuously just break the rules. If you are gonna admin this way than instead of saying "killing yourself will get you banned" try saying it differently like "killing yourself will result in a kick" and adding that "red army does not kill". It's all on how things are perceived. Ban is permanent, kick is to a time standard.