Stepping Down & Out

Hi, to all.
Just letting you know I've decided to quit for good, I just wasn't enjoying it like before.
Thanks for the last 2 years or so. Wish you all the best.


not again Sinn, ur a good admin, how long for this time :)


omg.... that didn't take long.... again.

Forever this time, Jock.

Forever this time, Jock.
We sold our half on our place in India, sign all papers in 2 weeks when we go for Xmas. After that going to Spain (Mojacar) in late Jan/Feb to buy a place there. Hope to move before Easter as we will rent out our home in UK via University Estates on a fixed year term. So if it goes tits up in Spain as we get older, we still got our place in UK.
Selling gaming rig to a mate for his son, that goes next week, will only need laptop now, and they are no good for gaming anyway.
So been busy these last few weeks sorting things out, and wife and I finally decided to give it a go, may as well grow old in the sun.
Like I said it's been fun.


Don't blame you for moving, have a great life in the sun, nice to have known you.

It is what it is................

This is like KISS's farewell tour. Haven't they had like 26 or 27 of them? We'll see you soon Bro. :) :)



we shall miss u but all the best and enjoy your stay at one of the islands

best regards Cueman