Is there no adminwork to do?

why is it that some admins doing only bomb plants and doing not there adminwork,there are players killing and have thousands of kills and some admins doing nothing about it.there are collecting deaths for there billions of kills.Why are they not killing,thats why there are bomb plants coz they are bored waiting.i ask some admins do your adminwork and give everyday some deaths of your billions of kills.



It is what it is...........



hmmmmm... shit I rarely EVER kill... never thought it was a mandatory thing... I do what I can when I can. I apologize that it has got some admins feeling like I am not doing my job. Cueman, from what I see you get 99.8% of the bomb plants..
You're doing a good job.

I apologize.

I know you a refering to me...

So I saw a guy plant the bomb. I banned him. No one was killing so I went back to my other game that I was playing. Then all of the sudden there is a guy killing that has a bad ratio and you jump in ts and ask me what kind of admin work I'm doing? No one was killing when the plant happened. You ask me if I only do Bomb plants? Seriously? So when was this guy first seen? Was he avoiding a kick when warned by jumping out of the server or switching to red? I'm not always at either of my computer's either. I do have a job. I do have a wife and children. Does it bother you or someone else that I sit on Red collecting deaths? Maybe we should just stop telling people it's ok to be AFK on Red to collect deaths. I do admin work! Usually it's when you are not around. Maybe you should not sleep so you can see me in action. And I do kill from time to time...when I feel like it. There is no rule for that! I've found players with far worse ratio's than what you are even talking about and it was when I just got on the server. It happens. By the way, I am gonna do some shopping with my wife later on today. Want me to jump out of the game when I leave the house? Maybe take my computer with me? I'm gonna get my shower now and get ready for my day. Gonna be AFK.


thats good to hear,now i have only one thing to do