Consensus of almost all the admins is......No.
There is nothing I can do.


Any other admins wish to

Any other admins wish to comment?????????


My comment...

I for one disagree with making him an admin. I know of a few others (from what they tell me in teamspeak) that may or may not comment but I will. In my opinion, he can't be trusted. From what I was told, from the horses mouth on xfire, that he was leaving because of some admins didn't like him and were giving him grief. Now he states (in game) it was to join a clan. And that he was not 18 the first time he was made an admin. So when he posted the first time, why not just say it was to join a clan instead of hit me up on xfire if you want to know? And when he was made an admin the other night, why hit the !admins command to let everyone know that came into the server? Kinda childish if you ask me. So what's the truth? I will always be straight forward with anyone whether or not it is good or bad. My loyalty will always be to Pawt and Limb. He can't be trusted!

not sure what happened

I just noticed that ray is no longer admin and I don't understand why. He earned rank 9 he left came back and he was given the rank he already earned. I know of one admin that was against ray coming back but sounds like just about everyone was and I don't get it. He comes back makes a post saying hes back for good pawt makes him admin again and now its taken away??


he came in under false pretenses.. lied about his age from the beginning... I wouldn't be able to trust him and I really didn't care for the kid after finding out... I was talking to Bilco and he mentioned that ray was made an admin again... and I told him I was going to remove it once I got home, so he told me he would do it.. and he did. Thank you Bilco...
Then Ray greeted Pawt and of course Pawt being the nice guy that he is made him a level 9 admin. (cringe) Then I had mentioned to Pawt about it and he had forgotten.. So now.. it is what it is.