I don't think I've ever told you guys why I'm never on anymore... My bad!! Well, here's the reason.
School and a job. I am currently working at Kohls as a sales associate. I've also got a bit bored of gaming, so there's another reason. My brother has been playing on the computer ever since I quit gaming, which was around April of 2013. He just re-installed WaW and joined the server. I still had my admin, so I would liked for it to be removed since my brother will be playing and he isn't really an admin.

I've missed talking to you guys, but I'm pretty busy. You guys take care! :-)



Hi........ Bye...... good to see you again.....

I'll try to hop on the server

I'll try to hop on the server today and talk to ya guys. If I can't do it today, it'll definitely be this week.


Can I edit my own topics? I don't think I can.
I needed to add another thing, ResidentEvil (which I'm pretty sure is Kevin) already removed it. His in-game name was conker016.