I noticed a kick tonight that caught my eye. angrybeast96 got kicked the other day for 10000 minutes and that was his first day on the server. that's an extreme kick for a flare. I can understand maybe if he has been on the server a year or something even than I don't think I would kick for a week for just a flare. I'm posting this to find out who kicked him. I haven't pardoned him yet would like to find out more about it.





Today i saw angrybeast throwing flare after flare off the side of the map. When i told him not to he said "fine". A few secends later he started shooting on red army and when i told him to stop that he started bitching and namecalling. Then started saying how this server will never last and the owners didnt know math bla bla bla. He is once again banned.


LOL, All I can say is Good one LIMB. This is one of those idiots I was talking about in another post. If he was that flagrant. He should have been banned. I banned some idiot a few days ago for fucking with killer510. Killer was taking alot and finally the little shit called him a dick. I jumped in and banned him. NO ONE TALKS TO MY ADMINS THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!
So if you see a ban and the reason is FUCK YOU DICK!!! I did it and he deserved it.


I Did That!

And I would do it for 200000 minutes if given a second chance! That little shit thought is was funny as hell and laughed warn after warn... after about the 10th or so flare I finally spectated who was doing it... I got the last laugh. And I would do it again if given the chance. It's called a "temp ban".


it wasnt me But maybe it wasnt a flare?i think it was more than one.maybe.



That is by far a ridiculous amount of time to kick someone for a flare and even if it's his first day. This is the kind of stupid shit I'm talking about from my original post but tried to not keep going on and on. I pardoned him and made sure he was on probation.


Probation won't stop him from throwing flares


I know probation won't stop him from throwing flares. At the time when I checked his ratio, it was below standard. If you pardon someone, wouldn't that take them off of probation if they were on it to begin with? And his kick reason was "no flares". It said noting about spamming flares or I never would've got involved. I would have just banned the guy in the beginning like you taught me.