This is getting old....

I am tired of getting kicked for AFK spectating. This happens to me about every other day. It really pisses me off even more when I am holding the server from forefeit and I get kicked. I never had a problem holding the server from forefeit. I always felt it was an honor to hold that spot, just to keep the server going. There are level 10 admins that won't even do that. But the first chance you get to do a !kickspect, you're doing it without blinking an eye. Which now will bring me to the next subject.

Spamming the commands is not what we should be doing as admins. You !cr, then !wr, give them a chance fo a couple seconds then do a !pr. All too often it is being done improperly from what I was taught over 2 years ago. There is no reason to warn a player 3 times in a 2 second time frame. This action is called stat padding. I have been an admin for a very long time and my admin stats are pretty low. Yeah, I may have been deployed here and there for a couple months but even the newer admins are catching up to me in stats.

These are just some of the things that I feel need to be addressed. I truly hope that this will some day be resolved.


I ve red Bilco's topic with a interest, no name is mentionned so I try a little jump here.
Maybe me ?....hmmm, I dunno but don't think so. My adminstats are average since I joined you nice team and since I m a admin, for over 1 year now.
Except holidays or few days in this year, I join the server every day and I try to make good job; maybe It is perfectible, but I try as much as I can to explain to the players in "fool" they have to switch to give their deaths.
I made my binds in this way too, to force the players to think about their ratio, instead of anything else.
Yes, maybe some !cr !wr are sometimes too often hit ?!....for me, the !pr comes always after 1 or 2 !wr; and I take attention to name the player and ask him to switch before hitting the red button.
YES, I often kick the 999 ping players ; I have cleared this situation with a previous topic because it can be felt not fair by the kicked players => if it a problem with this action, let me know, I won't do it again.

Feel free to bring me any device about my job on the server if needed.



I'm quite sure that nothing

I'm quite sure that nothing else needs to be added to this argument, although the census does seem quite divided on the subject.
From my point of view (not that it means much) should be sorted out as soon as possible, out in the open.
Just so we all know where we all stand.

Come on guys, seriously! We are better than this!


this post is getting old

I'm with sinn on this who is this admin? Once again you make another post making accusations toward a high level admin quote "He does this shit all of the time AND IT'S GETTING OLD!!!" I would like to know who this admin is. I can see your not letting it go so stop beating around the bush lets have a name. As for getting kicked for afk spectating. pawt is holding the server 90 percent of the time so not sure what your talking about you may have gotten kicked once but every other day really?? I don't believe that. As for that rank 10 admin not holding the server you talking about me? I do jump on the german team when its needed to keep the server from forfeit.


You want it? You got it!

It's you, Kevin. You want it out in the open? No problem! I have seen you only hold the server 1 time in the 2 + years that I have been an admin, and only after I made this post! You spam admin commands like your keyboard is on fire. I don't think you knew about the !wr command until after this post as well, or even the way it should be used. The newer admins are picking up on your admin habits and frankly it needs to stop. Your admin stats are outrageous. I have discussed this with Limbsaver as well as this has been an ongoing thing for a long time. It truly shows that you are just spamming commands. I haven't been able to find any other admins with adminstats that even come close to yours, not even the server owner! I also know you like to bad mouth me to other admins. You think they wouldn't tell me? That's cool. You've been invited to come into the G4H teamspeak. You knew that I was talking about you the whole time. Yep, I saw your comments to another admin. They were copied and sent to me. You had your chance to sweep this under the rug, without any names thrown out into the fire. Pawt was being kicked a lot, since I have been back from Afghanistan. I know that his connection sucks. I hear him time out in teamspeak all of the time. I have been holding the server many times and I've been kicked for AFK spectating at least 6 times while doing it. Guess you just haven't noticed. But, I really don't care what you think or what you even notice anymore. Come to think of it, I never really did. You will never get the same respect from me that I give to Pawt or Limb!

i did ask for it lol

I had a feeling you were talking about me but I wanted to be sure since you wouldn't come out and say it. Ok were to begin. I have a problem with you too bilco so guess its mutual. I don't think you do shit on the server other than AFK on red army and collect deaths 24/7. Your adminstats are low for that reason and you pointed it out that they were low. There low because you don't do anything. I don't spam admin commands never have my ratio checks are higher because I have been using the admin command !car a lot to check for bad ratios and that checks both teams so when limb pointed out that my stats are high I knew that was the reason because like I said I don't spam I have been on other admins about that in that past because it pisses me off when I see it. I did talk about you to cueman that's true. I was pissed the day you made your post because I don't think you even have a right to post what you did when you don't do anything on the server. When it comes to being kicked for afk spectating I don't know what your talking about I know I have never kicked you. And when !kickspect is used it does say admin decision im guessing you were actually spectating and not holding the server when you got kicked. I know that anyone who stays on the german team long enough will be considered spectating that's why I don't use the command because it would kick pawt. In one of your posts you said "don't like my comments, remove me" If it were up to me bilco you would have been gone a long time. I have been watching you do nothing but get deaths for about 2 years. I made cueman admin over a year ago and I know its been longer than that. Im glad you responded to my post I was waiting for it. I know im not guilty of what your saying and I had a feeling you were talking about me I just wanted to hear you say it. I would remove you right now if I could but I don't own the server pawt does. I don't need your respect bilco so your not hurting my feelings.

Kevin and Limb

Just to clarify a bit. I was deployed to Iraq for 12 months, Afghanistan for 6 months, and in Korea for 12 months. I had my computer in Korea so 18 months total serving my country (thanks Limb) in a combat zone WITHOUT BEING ONLINE. Open your eyes again and watch a little closer. Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the !car command. I was unaware it also did !kr, !kickspect, !wr, and bans. There's more to adminstats than just checks. You could remove me but you know I would be back. That's why you don't. Either way, I'm done with this conversation. You seem to have not gotten the point.


I have been on here pretty much every day since I became admin and I mean actually on the server doing admin work except for maybe a month or two when I didn't have internet. My stats reflect that and that is all. there not from spamming. Yes there are more to admin stats than checks and my other stats are high not from spamming there from being there day after day watching the server. Adminstats don't have a category for !kickspect and like I said I'm not the one kicking you I rarely use that command. I Can't remember the last time I was on when I would have even needed to use it. I do sleep so there are times when I'm not on the server. Like I said I wouldn't use it because it would kick pawt or limb who I see holding the server not you. Now you throw in the !ban command lol 99% of my bans are bomb plants and that's a fact. I think I have banned maybe 10 people for something else during the time I have been admin. Thanks for clearing up that you were deployed 18 months and were not online. I did forget about that. I do remember when you were in korea and online. Now to the last part like I said I don't own the server pawt does. I'm not going to remove a rank 9 admin or any admin without clearing it with pawt and limb. That is why I haven't done it and that is the only reason. You would have to be doing something like what awkwardjack did for me to remove you just like that.


let me interject here for a moment... Let's be mindful of reasons that Cuemans stats may be higher then Bilco's too.. Bilco was deployed for a good 10 months or so during Cuemans year as admin.... let that be noted... Oh and Bilco... Thank you for your service...


Let me take this opportunity to expound on the topic of the "commands"again....

We really needs to focus on the way we use the !cr (!car), !wr, !pr and on occasions the !kr commands...
I have seen a couple of admins, and I do NOT need to mention names.. SINN... :P , that use the !cr (!car) and then the !pr command... this is NOT the way we should be doing this.... BUT, There are times that I have done the three commands (!cr, !wr, !pr) and after checking a few more times (!cr), I still see that a player is killing even after being warned several times, I have done the !cr (to see if he is STILL killing) then I will put him directly on probation (!pr). To me the probation is not necessarily a "negative" thing.., it just makes sure that players follow the rules or that they do not get an outrageously poor ratio... So let me say this clearly.... We NEED to use the !wr command!.. They need to be warned. But we do NOT want to spam the command(s).. I know that there are some lower level admins that already have some stats that are as high as some of our admins that have been here for years, or if you did the math they would surpass some of our best admins . To me that is a red flag, We had a admin like that in the past (Deacon) and he was weeded out fairly quickly

So please remember to, !cr (!car), !wr, !pr

Thanks guys!


It's not just lower level admins. I watched a higher level admin yesterday do !cr, !pr, !wr, !wr in about 2 seconds. What's the fucking hurry? When did you take the opportunity to be an "Admin" and try to talk to the player? Maybe he doesn't understand English. Maybe he doesn't know about the !autostats command. Did you try to explain it to the player? Nope! He does this shit all of the time AND IT'S GETTING OLD!!! Apparently you're/our words are falling on deaf ears and eyes.


When I do a !kickspect, I go on redteam and shoot LIMB or whoever is saving the server so they do not get kicked spectating. If it is me, I just jump off the back of map and die. BILCO, it is an honor and I so appreciate it. My internet provider doubled my speed but created a non-consistant stream. I get kicked alot.

If you got kicked as a spectator, I'm sure it wasn't intentional. Now that there is a post. It better not ever be intentional.

Spamming commands is NEVER appropriate on this server. (Except for KEVIN2009, LIMBAVER, and I.) (jk)
(My meaning, sometimes I will do a !cr and see someone with 3 deaths and 5000 kills. I spam them !wr twice and !pr them before they can leave quickly.)
They should be given a few seconds to change teams.

ALSO; there have been a few whinning idiots coming on and being idiots. I don't have time for them and I ban them.
You guys can do that too. But the better be real pests......................
Thank you so much,


PS SINN there is NO conspiracy here, mello out a bit Bro......................

As for the kick due to AFK

As for the kick due to AFK spectating. I have only done this once where I've almost emptied the server, and before you get me wrong, it quite literally was because all were sat as spectators (after the round limit was reached) for a good 10 to 15 minutes, and I did say sorry to Cueman_ after he pretty much said the same thing. Maybe I should have gone through the list selectively, but didn't, and that was just laziness on my part.

Besides that, I've only ever had to kick one lvl 9 admin for acting like an ass, and the others were lower rank an due to (999) ping with the usual reconnect message.

As for the latter half, I will admit that I have done that from time to time - still never made a habit of it though. I know that It's no excuse, but it's mostly when it's late night/early morning, pretty much when the server is running on autopilot.

Either way, If I was in any part included in the reason behind your post, B1lco, I hear you buddy. We are all adults here after-all :)


No worries Mud,

I too have done this once but got my ass chewed for doing so. I was a new admin. Yeah I made mistakes but learned from them. Not realizing that it also kicks the admin holding the server from forfeit. Since nobody hangs on the G4H teamspeak while admining (which is not a requirement), and since nobody wanted to fess up to doing it, I brought it to the forums. The only answer that I got was there was a server restart. I can read when it says kicked for AFK spectating. I highly doubt that a server restart would kick me for AFK spectating. May I add it also says "admin decision". I only brought this up because it has been happening all too often as of lately, and mostly while I am holding the server from forfeit. I did this to bring it to the attention of all admins. Be careful as to what you are doing. Think about it before you do it. You may be affecting the wrong person and causing unneeded server downtime. When I started out, I was in teamspeak with Limbsaver. Many of times he chewed on my ass, but I learned from it and moved on. Any admin wants to have a 1 on 1 with me, good, bad, or indifferent...TS3 IP:


I know I have spoken with a couple of admins the past couple of days about this very thing.


Guess I must have struck a nerve...that's ok. Your not replying means your balls haven't dropped yet. You guys can continue to talk behind my back. I know you guys are doing it. I know Limb and Pawt would come straight to me. You don't like my comments? Remove me. I know what I'm doing is right!

Spit it out! Who gives you the hump!

I don't know what this is all about. It all seems very cryptic, as no person or persons have been mentioned, why would a response be expected? Strange you suggest they have not the balls to respond, as I see it you also need balls to name the person you insult. Or are all the admins at fault? Your initial post so far casts a shadow on all admins, and this is my sole reason for reply.

So with my balls in the open and swinging free, I think I do a fair job of it, and welcome anyone to say otherwise, hopefully that excludes me from your list.

If I had a grievance I would come straight out with Who and Why and damn the consequences.
So it does not surprise me that you think people are talking behind your back, as by not naming your nemisis you have given everyone room for speculation. For the record I have not spoken behind your back.
Your last line (quote) "Remove me. I know what I'm doing is right!" That may well be true, trouble is I don't know what your on about, other than fast warnings etc, beyond that I don't really care.
All that said I've no problem with any admin.