The !autostats command seems to be causing some confusion on the server. Im thinking if we take the line of text that says how many kills the player can get out and just leave there kill-death ratio it might solve some problems.


that's why I tell them to focus on their ratio instead of "how many kill's can I get"... Those players that want to know how many kills they can get, need to learn a little lesson about patience. If their ratio is "around" 1.000 then they can kill... I have 2 binds.. one says "The more you die the higher your ratio goes" and the other says "The Higher your ratio, the more you can kill"... pretty much says it all...

Thank You

That would put us back to the old !owes command which caused even more confusion.


the !owes command said

the !owes command said "KILLER510 can get ********kills"

the !autostats say "KILLER510 has ******** deaths and ******** kills
KILLER510 can get ******** kills

What im trying to say is that the !owe command is in the !autostats command.