New version of Archon

The server software has been updated slightly.

While theres a few minor changes and fixes, this update is mostly a performance fix, commands should never stick for long periods of time anymore.

A few specific fixes:

  • !whoelse performance has been greatly improved
  • !same now works properly
  • NL instructions updated (thanks cueman)

There was a lot of backend changes that shouldn't be visible to you guys. Let me know if you find anything that doesn't work properly anymore.


Thank you for Updating the server Slow.


Thumbs up !

Ty Slowninja
If u want to update FR instructions too, I'm your guy :-)


Is there anything wrong with the current FR instructions? Apparently the NL instructions had bad grammar.


...minor errors with the "accents"
é or è appears like ï?1/² or something like that
Not very important,... the grammar is good. ty SlowNinja

sry for double bad

sry for double bad é_è