Ratio and !owe

Been some discussion by admins in game recently, regarding players confusion with ratio and !owe. As we know, admins have been trying to persuade players to not use the !owe command, and to concentate on the stats.
Unfortunately with limited succes as players simply need to know how many kills or deaths they have, and using there stats does little to help them, as it confusing to most players. More so when the global ratio goes up and suddenly from being relatively secure, they then owe deaths or are kicked instantly and without warning. This can cause both anger and more confusion, and has forced some players to loose their cool and eventually talk their way into a ban.
Ideas have been put forward as to clarify things.
1. Is to have a fixed ratio, value to be determined.
This would prevent players from playing at .6 one day then only to return later to find ratio at .7 or higher and finding they suddenly owe deaths, and pissing them off. This would level the playing field for all, though not do much to deter the constant use of !owe.
2. That a fixed ratio of 1 should be used. This would show in player stats their k/d ratio as a simple 1 kill = 1death and simple maths on their part would show exactly what they owe. In time as new players joined the ranks the historic knowledge of !owe and a variable ratio will fade, and life would roll on nicely.
3. Fixed ratio of .5, this would show players clearly they can kill double what they die, and reduce use of !owe.
No matter what the ratio is, high or low, the majority of players play down to red stats and hover on that border.
So these 3 ideas were floated by various admins for further discussion or comment.
Regards, Sinn.

My 2 cents

Although we as admins would want the players to have a higher ratio, we always need killing to be done on the server. I personally do not like seeing the ratio below .65, but I was always told from the beginning....we need people killing. We simply just keep telling players to try to keep their ratio above 1.0, if the ratio was to be set that high (1.0) then they get kicked. If they would like an explanation why they were kicked, then we tell them that we are trying to keep a balance of a 1 Wehrmacht to 3 or 4 Russian, which was also pounded into my head when I was an admin just starting out. That is our job. Explain the rules and how the server operates.

And a very fine 2 cents it is

And what a fine 2cents it is Bilco. I am sure that we will all benefit from your very informative post.

Great Ideas

However, the server ratio is flexible to accommodate players when there are more killing than dying. Having a 1.0 ratio would mean that new people would never get to kill till they have been on for a while. (Most would get bored and leave before being able to kill).

Most of all the server is what it is and I cannot change the program at this time.

Thank you,

A Definite Yes

A good post Sinn, and if a vote is to be taken I would vote yes for a static ratio.

Personally I would try to

Personally I would try to achieve 1. By increasing ratio gradually from current .7 to 1, .75, .80 .85 etc over 6 weeks.
So current players are not suddenly isolated, new joiners would not be affected.
Once 1 is achieved as the standard, there is still the option to raise or lower if really needed, but always restore to back to 1 ASAP. This would give a degree of both consistency and clarity to the majority of players, and those whose command of English isn't so good. As the numbers in stats would plainly speak for themselves.


Yep very good sinn,if we want this ratio up at the level at 1.0 for the users,i say put in on 1.0 and we have no more i get that kills or i owe that deaths,simple.so for me nr 2 please.