Cueman_, An honourable Rank 9 candidate

Hello all, I'm not sure how to go about this, or even if this method is still used as far as suggesting a rank increase for a fellow admin, but here goes.

I was thinking that maybe it is time for Cueman_ to be put forward for the respectable admission of Rank 9.
He is always on the server, chats with the general public in a calm and collected way, explaining rules as he see's them.
Whenever I've been on the server with him, he never messes around - he get's the job done.

Well, I've put put this forward and I will not change his rank without the go ahead from the collective.

Take care all.


congratz man

..serisously congratz
you deserve it

Congrats Mr. C, way to go :)

Congrats Mr. C, way to go :)

Congrats Cueman !



congratulations cueman


I made Cueman_ a lvl 9. Didn't put it up to a vote as a vote was already taken and was the majority of lvl 9's.

It's Christmas time and I am in a good mood.

Congrats to our new LVL 9 CUEMAN_


PS tis the season fa La La La La

ty all

ty all and ty you very much,a nice xmas present.cheers.



Congratulations Cue!
Jingle all the way


I concur.... with Pawt

Too Early

Great admin. Being though, that I made him lvl 8 only two weeks ago. He needs more time as a lvl 8.And yes, he definitely is in line for lvl 9.



No worries

I thought to just put the idea out there, something for the future at-least :)