Gmail and accounts

I have been finding an unusual amount of people trying to access this website. They have been trying to attack it and our security software has saved us so far. ALL of the attackers have used Gmail or Mail.RU accounts.

So, I will no longer accept accounts with gmail or If they try, I will delete the attempt. We used to get 3 maybe 4 requests a month. Now we are getting numerous requests for admission to the website and they just try to spam so I just delete them.

Sorry for you guys that are really trying to get on. I will accept real emails. Example (,,, Emails that you have to pay for. No more Free email accounts accepted.)

Thank You,


PS, I am also going thru the member archives and cleaning out those who have not accessed the website for a while.


I'm still not accepting Gmail and, or Yahoo.mail accounts. Just wanted to re-emphasize this issue.



Roger Dodger!