who has it and plays i just got it


that is be biggest pain in the ass to get going... but once its done... it's on!



I may know a few...but I am not playing it as I am transit back to the states. Maybe next weekend.

im trying to install the mod

im trying to install the mod (pain in the ass) any videos u can watch that will help u walk through it


There was one posted on the Gunz4Hire website and I think it was a youtube video. You must have Arma II and Operation Arrowhead for it to work. Must atleast fire up both games and go as far as the multiplayer menu on both. Then you download Six Launcher/Six Updater to download the mod "Six Launcher Downloads it automatically for you". I recently found DayZ Commander for use to roll back patches and so forth...makes it extremely easy to play on any server. Visiting the DayZ forums may also help you. Might be a link on the homepage there on how to download the mod as well....just saying:)

i got it working now thanks

i got it working now thanks guys


KILLER feel free to come into our teamspeak and play DayZ if you so desire.