High Guys,

Just wanted to post a memorial to our dearly departed admin and friend, Rich DeLong AKA ShadowWlf/Lycanthropy.
Rich was a dedicated, trusted, and Loved admin on this server and he is greatly missed. He was my Admin, My friend, and My Bro. I will never be able to replace him and I don't even want to try. It's been a year now and I will never forget him. He was Loved by most and hated by some. That's because he was a great admin.

May you Rest in Peace my friend. :(((((((



Here's a tip of the cup to good ol' Lycan!


Rest in peace Shadow

RIP Shadow

Great Guy; sorely missed.


Shadow was a good friend and a great admin rip


I might have not gotten the chance to know you better, but you will always be in all of our hearts and thoughts forever. Rest in peace Shadow.

Well said Pawtsmokkirr

R.I.P ShadowWlf, Gone but no forgotten.
Heads up Admins <3

Well said Pawt..

R.I.P. Shadow

Rest in Peace Shadow

Rest in Peace Shadow