Hi, My name is Pappie and I would like to discuss my ban, I would like to mention that I am not a child ( 38 )and that I founded SsC 5 yrs ago, so I know to show respect. I want to discuss what took place when I was banned, I had sit on the server all day taking deaths and when I got home I jumped over to the other team so i could finish the prestige. When I joined I got a lmg and emptied a clip two or three times and the match ended, I didnt reconnect cause I didnt think i had to only with 135 kills so i was reminded that it did matter so i apologized. The same admin that reminded me to reconnect also seen 3 guys from the other team run around where i was standing outside from the spawn pit so i asked about that and nothing was said. Later on someone throwed a smoke and a flash and the admins put up their binds about no grenades of that nature. I was playing later on and swapped class's to a default class and it had a flash grenade so i throwed it off the map so i didnt accidentally throw it while moving around, didnt affect anyone. The next thing I know your admin started talking to me like a dog and cussing me he said quote " Throw another fu**ing flash and your G*dD*mn ass is gone" I said i am sorry but i threw it off the map so i didnt hit it on accident, the admin said "I dont give a f*ck do it again and your ass is gone. I tried to be respectful and apologized but like I said when limbsaver talked to me like that it was not appreciated so I said ok "tough guy" im sry ill talk to smoke about it and left. Because he was being a bit power hungry and seemed like he had it out for me as soon as i started to play. So I tried to reconnect to the server so I could see what the name was again so I could find your site and it said that I was banned reason disrespecting admin by saying tough guy, after he cussed me the way he did and he is said I disrespected him....


I remember too when i was stupid mate. Gotta follow the rules buddy


Fuck You... and I do NOT say "G*dD*mn".... And you call me "Power Hungry".... nahhh... "Tough Guy".... nahhh...
Banned.... yeah....

btw- nice story. I'm am not a child (50's)... I've been waiting for you to post.

cya on the other side




!GAWD! Not again!!!!!


PS you can say FUCK, Goddamn, and Asshole here.

38 you say..

As a founder "so you stated" one would think that your maturity level would be a bit higher than a child. So you saw the warnings did ya? So mature...yet still threw a special anyway. On or off the map it is not to be done. You were warned, as was everyone else in the server that saw the spam. I didn't ban you but as well as I know Limb, I'm sure it had to do with your attitude towards the admin. Would you want me to break your rules in your server? Even after I had been warned? And then after continuing to break the rules, you wouldn't kick or ban me? Right!!!! Nice try...TOUGH GUY!


"one would think that your maturity level would be a bit higher than a child" I cant see why the disrespect maybe you to sir should grow up a little, read the logs. like i said i didnt know the default had a flash so yes i did throw it but off the map where it did not affect anyone, better than in the middle. I dont want to come back lol I just wanted to let ppl know how some of the admins handle things... maybe its time for ssc to have a rank up server..... you can delete this and my account intelligence around here is killing the population lol......


hahaha.. the population on the server is just fine even when weeding out knuckleheads, which actually makes the server run smoother.

Enjoy your day!


i would say limb handled it well better than i would of. you talk about maturity and yet the last line you typed "you can delete this and my account intelligence around here is killing the population lol" proves to me that your deffination of maturity is a 13 year old trying to get the last word in. Rules are rules if u cant follow then dont go into a server that has rules placed.