What graphics card should i get

Hey guys i saved up around 120$ and i want to get a praphics or video card to make my game run and look better any ideas?

What graphics card should i get

I recommend GTX 560 non ti (asus )

moin expensive

Call of Duty MW3 running max

I d in two planks for my sli and no problem

Save up and.....

Mow a few more lawns. About $220 will get you a NVIDIA 560TI which would run BF3.

Im looking for one that could

Im looking for one that could run call of duty better

Call of duty 5
Call of duty mw3


I'd go for Bilco's

I'd go for Bilco's suggestion. There are a lot of good cards in the 200-240 dollars range that are a big step up from the entry level models. Pretty much any new dedicated GFX card will run the COD's on high with 4xAA at 1080p. The thing is, you probably want a card that is a little more futureproof. Anything that will happilly run BF3 now will probably be acceptable for FPS gaming for another 2-3 years.


I guess ill go with bilco said thank for the help guys!

-TTG Killer