Can I please get my ban lifted?

I got banned because one day I was stupid and felt like being a troll and I planted the bomb. I havn't played World at War in a while and I just got back into it and I saw that I was still banned from this server. I promise I will not break the rules again and I will put in 500 deaths as my punishment. Please forgive me?

Permanent Ban

Planting the bomb is a PERMANENT BAN. The forbidden apple as you might say. Planting the bomb fucks up the server by, making everyone go to spectator mode when the game restarts. therefore, kicking all the spectators. You might not see what that means, but it's my server and I do.

Since there are 5000 servers that you can join, I suggest that you please go there. Our server is a server of rules. The service we provide is free of charge to you. All we ask is that you follow a couple of rules. We are a rank up server only.

You are welcome back when you acquire a new CD Key.

Thank you,

PS this is our edge. That is why everyone wants to be here. You can rank up in one day what it would take you a year to do regular. And, we are the only PB approved rank up. :)


Nice try.


So is that a no? I've been

So is that a no? I've been banned for over 3 months and I promise I won't break any rules again. Please.

As I told you in the server

As I told you in the server yesterday, Bans for planting don't get lifted. You can rejoin once you purchase a new CD key.

That's retarded though, no

That's retarded though, no offence, I've been banned for a couple of months and I want to join your server but I can't until I buy the game I already own? I will put in 1000 deaths and I give you my word when I say I promise I won't break any rules again.

rules are rules

let it go, buy a new cd key for like 5 bucks if u want to get back in that bad.


you must get a new cd key if you want to rejoin. planting the bomb is a permanent ban as stated in the rules

Join Wehrmacht get 200 kills.
Then join Red Army and get 200 deaths.
Above all else, do NOT plant the bomb!


What is so bad about planting

What is so bad about planting the bomb? Does it ruin the server and cost you money? You think that I'm going to waste MY money to buy a game I already have to join 1 out of 5000 servers? What could planting the bomb seriously do? All I want is to play some W@W with some good guns and I got reset so I have nothing. All I want is 1 day in the server.

wants wants wants....

i have wanted a lot of stuff in life, but most i don't get. you want a day in the server, but you wont get it because you planted the bomb. Even if we do let you get a day (which is probably never going to happen) then we would have to let all the other 1000's of players a day into the server that got banned for planting the bomb (which is also probably never going to happen) just to make it fair. So, IF you want to use your money, buy a CD-key and rank up to 65 in probably a day or 2, be my guest. But if you want to not use your money and spend hours a day probably up to a month or 2 just to get to 65, good luck with that.

P.S. your not buying a game you already had, your just buying an access code to use the game. Its like buying a key to get in a house. plus, Pawtsmokkirr said Exactly Why planting the bomb is bad.