Keep getting kicked.

Everytime i connect to server at least a minute later i get kicked...Youse will prob think how dont i know this problem,But believe me im dum at computers and im dum trying to fix my game,please comment if you know what this means,iwanna be back on the server asap to get my deaths.Thanks CMAN13

CMAN13 punkbuster Kicked player 'CMAN13' (for 0 min)...RESTRICTION:service Communication failure: pnkBstr.exe intializartion failure.

Thats what it says when it kicks me..Just comment saying what i do to avoid it,



I'm back ! Thanks a lot pawtsmokkirr , see ya in game btw my new name is Pro_killer98.


Try this one


Pawt,I did that,right after when it says finish,it says failure,or punkbuster failed.
Do you know whats stopping it from not failuring.

whats the reason?

whats the reason your getting kicked? oh and btw HIGH P! :)


I keep getting kicked by pb


Iv downloaded it all, i dont understand why it stil kicks me for pb


Thanks pawt,downloaded it,lets hope i can get in now :),

Thanks mate


OMG,i just tried then and it kicked me.Any other way? if i reinstall the game ?

Probable solution

Go to Update PunkBuster. that should fix it.



Sorry to be a pain pawt,im bad at this,but where excatly do i update it,once i update it will i get back in the server..

Manual install

You have to go to the PB website and look for the manual install and do it manually. It should work.


is it possible to send a link

is it possible to send a link straight to the manual install,so i click the link and im done,im a pain in the arse i know but i needa learn this for when im older :) thanks for helping pawtsmokkirr