My brother

Okay, I'm going to get away from the pc for maybe a week or less because of school (and I need to get off of the pc for a while lol.) So I get my old cd key working so my brother (Conker015) can play on it. I told him all the rules, (and I mean every single one) he promised not to break them. I still have my old stats from the beginning so he can get a few kills. He's one of the very few kids that I know that actually listens to people. Anyways, I'll be gone starting tomorrow morning.


Back already..

Well, I got my school work done, and I really have nothing else to do lol. So I'm back now :P

Nice server :)

Hi guys, its Tiffs brother. I've watched my sister play on the server for a while and I have always wanted to try it, and now I can!!! It is a very nice server, I dont know how you guys made the server and did all this to it, but its amazing!
Tiff said she has done all of her school work, but shes gone right now, shes at her friends house at this moment. Mr. PawtSmokkirr said I could help, not with the admin part but enforce the rules. I always like to help these great servers, because it bugs me so much when somebody is breaking the rules! Like they kill too much,they're killing the Wehrmacht, or getting out of pit it just bugs me! I'll post a screenie of the rules breakers if that's okay, just so you guys could watch them, especially the bomb planters I'll definitely post a screenie of that, just in case 2 people plant the bomb and you can't see the other one. Anyways, thanks PawtSmokkirr for letting me help out with the rules. I'll see you guys in the server! :)

- Bradley


Thank you. NP, you can have your admin back when you come back.