talking about of ban

Who i must talk about removing a ban from my account?

Reason of ban: planting a bomb (you know of course)
Why ?? My son don't know english very well, he didn't notice the warnings from the admins. When he told me about this, was be too late. I explained to him the reason, but ban is permanently, not temporary, unfortunately for me and him.
My only solution is ask you to give the possibility of rehabilitation.
We play (with son) for many online games, always we are trying to play fair.
Ban is a few months, I think the punishment was enough for him.

Marcin (mktiger)


Even if one admin were to lift the ban... another one would see he (your cd-key) has a bomb plant on his account and they would ban once again... Planting of the bomb is NEVER tolerated.

As mentioned in the previous post, planting the bomb is a permanent thing. There is no way to fix it once it has been done.
Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause... but, it is what it is.


bomb plants will not be

bomb plants will not be lifted. if u want back in the server u will need a new cd-key.

OK Thank you for considering

Thank you for considering my request.
i will be wait for amnesty :)
i'm not going to buy a new game, it's too old


No amnesty for Bomb plant. The ban is permanent.