Reviewing my ban

Hello Archon staff,

I was hoping you could review the permanent ban that was issued against me (TimJ/ImMoRTAL_).
It's been a couple of months now and in my eyes the punishment has been sufficient.
But, of course, this is not up to me! ;)

While I understand you guys can look up the ban reason yourself, I'll tell you as well.
I've used this server to rank up my main account after my profile was lost.
I made my kills and I received my deaths.
The ratio hovered and I acted accordingly.
Now when I wanted to level up a second account a few months later the following happened:
-I joined the wehrmacht and got about 5 kills
-An admin did the !cr/wr thingy
-I retorted by mentioning that I was the only one killing
-I received my kick
-I went back in (on the wrong side) and received a permanent ban.

It's been a while, but I do not recall being kicked on a different occasion.
I hope you guys allow me a second chance.

Keep up the good work anyhow.
Your server is very useful and well run.

Kind regards,


You were banned by Kingfisherx, if he wants to un ban you it's his decision. You were banned for excessive rule breaking. We try not to step on each others toes here.

Thank you,


It is Christmas, and the season of goodwill. And against my better judgement I will lift the ban on ONE condition only, and that is if you kill just one more time before your ratio is 1.0 or over, then you get banned again. I believe this to be a fair compromise, if you agree to this then come on here with a simple yes I agree, or no I do not agree, and no what if etc, etc. Remember ImMoRTAL_ you are now owned. YOUR ASS IS MINE !!! WOOOHA

The ban WILL NOT be lifted until you reply to this post


Thank you for granting me a second chance.
I'll make sure my ratio stays above 1.

Be gentle with my ass though haha

Merry Christmas :)

Ban Lifted

Ok I have lifted the ban Merry Christmas