Thank You

Speeches arent really my thing so ill try.

Thank you guys and girls SO much for helping me along the ranks of admin. When Pawtsmokkirr made me rank 1, i promised him i will do my best; and i have. I've helped the server to the best of my abilities and still am.
I want to thank some people for mostly helping me with the commands, what to do, all that stuff:
-KILLER51....(oh u know who im talking about ;D)
-Tiffany78-87 (i forgot which number lol)
-and alittle help from others :)
Tommy and Kevin. you guys have been with me from the start, and before, and we had awesome times together lol :D
Ray, i remember when you first told me you were an admin here, lol it was funny :) keep up the good work!
Tiffany, havent seen you much on the server, but its always nice talking to another girl on here once in a while :)
CYBER, its nice having chats with you. and remember if you need help on english, im always on xfire ;D
KILLER, we have nice chats on the server. dont see you too much anymore. hope you come back soon :D
Pawt and LIMB, in the beginning i was actually alittle uh, scared of you guys haha but now ive talked to you guys and all that, you guys rock!! ;D
Honestly, i mean those words i said there.
Im gonna wrap this up right now.
Thank you all so much for helping me throughout all the stuff thats been going on in the server, It means alot to me :) im so glad to be a rank 9 admin. ive been waiting for this day to come, and now that its here i dont know what to say anymore. Thanks again everyone!!



Girl :)

Thank you too for the kind words and I agreed that pawt and limb do rock and yes they are scary bunch hehe.

We will try to help out most as we can, always ask if theres something in doubt and your qestions will be answerd...well not all....but most lol

Be good girl now ok! (not that your not....but...ya know whot I (-:

Be save, be peace and have fun!

thanks :)

thanks tommy, i will lol ;)


It's true, I'm not on the server much anymore, but I'm on xfire a lot. ;) Congratulations on the 9 :) Glad you made it. :)

thank you

thank you tiffany! :)


Sorry Bilco!

forgot to mention you up there. anyways u have been really awesome and its fun chatting with you too :)