Account Trouble

for the past few months i have been alittle busy trying to find ways to fix my old account, sniperking12. when i joined a freeze tag match with rayray064, it was a match to where you only see your team chat, not the regular chat. when i left that to go back to Archon Rankup, i noticed no one was talking, so i typed in stuff (like hello, hi) and nothing came up; so my account is glitched to where i cant see regular chat, only team chat.
i uninstalled/installed the game a few times, looked up ways to fix it, and nothing worked. so i made a new account and thankfully, that chat there isnt corrupted like on sniperking12. so, i would like to conclude by saying that im deleting sniperking12, and moving on to my new account, TeddyCoD16. on occasion, i will be on my Alt account, shootinstarz, but my regular account will now be TeddyCoD16. btw, this happened 2 months ago.
im sure most of the admins know that TeddyCoD16 is me, but im just informing this incase some admins dont know. so, thats about it.
conclusion: TeddyCoD16 IS sniperking12; sniperking12 account is being deleted.
thanks for reading :)


mine is rick-pc go to your

mine is rick-pc go to your users folder where downloads my music my pics are located and you will find App Data, I have win 7


haha, i was wondering when you were going to post about that :P


would have posted it earlier but it wasnt on my mind. now it is :)


Navigate to C:/Users/PCname/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/ and delete every mod you have, then go into players hit profiles and open your main profile and delete the config files. ENABLE HIDDEN FOLDERS TO BE ABLE TO NAVIGATE TO APPDATA.

windows 7

i tried navigating but since i have windows 7, it navigates differently then what you put up there. i cant even find the AppData part or PCname