Game keeps restarting ):

Well im not sure where to post this but i think its here ? . Can someone plz help or explain how to fix the problem i have , From when i woke up the smorning everytime i click onto Archon rank up. it stays on for like 5 secs then my pc restarts iv clicked on 3 times and it has restarted three times , Im not sure what the prob is , If someone knows Plz help !

Thanks CMAN13

Now holidays

Im really sorry guys iv been absent now for almost two weeks , thanks for the advice tommy and owner.i my aswell say this now ima gonna be absent for another week because of my holidays , i leave this Wednesday and will be back the following , im sure and positive once i get back from my holidays ill be online more than im usual working hard and ganging my deaths up , Im sorry alot to all admins , see u soon guys

Regards Liam.


Guys so far my cod carrer isnt looking good , I now have no choice to restart when i connect to server , as i get into any server it starts glitching , clicking , funny things then just freezes , i then have to reset computer to get into another process

Min. requirements

You might want to make sure your system meets the games minimum requirments. I once had the same problem, which was fixed by me upgrading my videocard and power supply.

Very easy to do.


did you try to do some basic maintainance, clean the history folder, temp internet files, temp folder (I use CCleaner for that) defragment the drive, run a virusscan through?

In some cases you might want to reinstall the game, if baisc cleanup, defragemnation, wont work.
You might want set the startup from WAW in basic settings. (you can change that later)
Try this first (if not already) and see if it start-run normaly.
Clog up from files and other stuff might be the cause of it maby.

If nothing works my advice is to format your drive and install all the progs from start. It takes time yes, but then you be ensured a clean drive and last but not in the least, join us again in the fight for all bad jokers and pink elephants in the server.. :)

good luck!