admin abusing

i was playing with my account with a fair ratio of 0.761 witch is green.... and if i was on red i would do my necessary deathes...BUT i was put on probation and told i needed a ratio of above 1.0 and when i looked at rules it did not say it had to be it said try...but i was 0.761 ratio and it is fair the

admin - kevin2009 and viperzix

Thank you and please explain if they are right or if this is fair


SpelledSon2, I remember. You are lucky I unbanned you. Adhere to your name and be quiet (D3ADSILENT). Only one account on at a time.

My admins do what they do.



Pawt. I dint knew he was banned already. One account on at the time, Ive told him so.
btw congrats with the promotion lol :-)

well put there tommy/kevin

i agree with both of them. like tommy said probation makes you kill no further untill your off it. we have been telling people to owe there deaths, some havent, some have. we have to put up with alot of stuff in the server, we have rules put up for you guys, all you have to do is follow them, just like the 200 kill 200 death thing. so please dont abuse the ratio and have a nice day ;)


for the support sniper. You right about that we have to put up with lot of stuff in the server as u may have yet seen already ofcourse. But you will notice a lot more comming ya way too during the time you spend on the ship :)
Don't worrie though, always admin there to support you too!

admin abusing,

wonder in what way we did? When kevin showed your stats with you 2 had the same on one account, that is a no go. I asked you to remove one account, wich is in my oppinion fair enough. That you are on probation is because you owe around 30k wich in other means isent all too right, no matter if you ratio is green, we dont't like it when people start take advantage of the ratio. For that matter we could have give you a day of but me kevin agreed not to and olso you agreed with us to have it at 1.0 ratio. Probation mean that you should not kill further untill your off probation.
For now this my comment, though you havent done anything against the rules that severe, but we think you try to get around giving back deaths, wich show your stats, thats your probation thingy for now.
Peace, cya ingame :)

spellcheck is not my acount

spellcheck is not my acount his is my bro....if there is any way to prove please tell me how


i dont think theres any way to prove it. theres gotta be a dedicated name to there player name, other than that, theres nothing to prove. sorry again, and have a nice day ;)

spellcheck is not my acount

spellcheck is not my acount his is my bro....if there is any way to prove please tell me how


Your right about the abusing but its by you abusing the global ratio. By your 2 accounts Spelledrite and spellcheck. Yes your ratio is around .7 but both your accounts owe about 30k deaths. The rules are 200 kills 200 deaths which is 1.0 ratio. I dont think its fair when you take advantage of the ratio and stay just above the global ratio because to get your stats thats what you been doing for a long time. I dont think its to much to ask for you to pay back your deaths.


Kevin for notify this issue to us. We will keep an eye on it ofcourse. The dubbel account should be a no go atm. So one account on at the time. He have to stay red team untill pay back have been done.