Video games given full First Amendment protection


on it's own can only be good. The bad part might be the ruling who are being done so by those who think they can control it. Parents are so much the function uppon who children must lay there trust on. I think we do need to educate the little ones how to make this freedom function the way it suppose to be (if theres a such thing as like it suppose to be). It's hard for many to aknowledge realtiy how it is now where we have been 'programmed' to do what we are doing. I understand much of the crap that is out there should be restricted for children yes, but to teach them at first from the basic rules that we as adults have that responsibillity to let them know and see whats out there, is first, what I think. But not by the governing elite, they have been doing so many bad parts for so long already. I do understand what you mean pawt, I just added some to it :)

Freedoms can be GOOD or BAD.

I wish they up held some of the age laws on the bill. Some real little children should not be exposed to this shit at such an early age. Freedom of speach is freedom of speach. But there has to be limitations when it comes to children.