Will I notice a difference in gaming with this PC? I asked Pylat in game. Changed ISP from crappy 3mb ATT DSL Service to Time Warner Cable's Road Runner Turbo 15mb down/3mb up for only $30/month for 24 month contract. I have a Belkin N600 Wireless router, but this PC will be hardwired to modem.



they ban me from serversbecause DEACON IS A FKING RACIST and hate roumanians

i hope we can speck about a CAR in the future but in what mode?

you don't have any yahoo facebook skype or steam account ??

Pawt have you dealt with this

Pawt have you dealt with this joker yet in the forums?

Getting old and tiresome just reading everyone responding to him. I said what I needed and that was that.
But when starts calling us racists-let me see him in the server-He'd be gone in an instance.


Stood. I'm still going on with my lets say old gaming rig, works out fine with me. i5-core4 6gig ram gigabyte 460 gtx and might have the same 15mb D/ but 10 mb up. They have been working for faster connection upgrade free every year!
I'm not complaining, yet :) Maby end of this year I might get some new hardware, I dunno yet. Want to sell my coolermaster sniper, thinking of it.
Anyhow hope everything goes well and help out with the new setup. Shadowlf just got his new setup up and running too wroking out. Cya ingame buddy.
Gonna check your link now.