Just a quick vid from my lil Studio

I got invited to play this song live at a local pub from my friends who do cover songs right next to a University down in Charlotte. I have never in my life showed my talents in front of a large group, but they insisted I play a song for them, so I played "Enjoy the Silence" cover from my keyboards that I use for leisure time. When I played this song, everyone there was clapping, heard some ladies cheer, and got tons of "thank you, that was amazing!". To make this song, I used a Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer, Korg 01/W Pro 76key Workstation, Roland Juno G Stage 76 key synthesizer, APC 40 electronic drum machine, and Korg KAOSS sound editing controller.

After the many responses, I decided to hook this up to my Yamaha 05-Pro EQ and ran this through Propellerhead's Reason 4.01 Software for recording to .mp3. So, this was put on here 2 days after the performance. Let me know what you all think. Should I make some more or look at other hobbies?