Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become an administrator?
A: Follow the rules. It's ok to let us know you're interested, and it's ok to remind us from time to time, but don't nag us about it. Don't ask if you haven't spent a decent amount of time on the server. And your chances of becoming an admin are better if you're on at times when there are few admins on. Also, it helps to be a little social, if we see you interacting well with people we're more likely to make you an admin. We do require 20k deaths to become an admin...for starters.

Q: I'm an administrator but I've maxed my prestige, is it ok to leave and never come back?
A. Yeah, we're cool with that. Just let us know.

Q: Can I go AFK while on the Red Army?
A: Yes. That is expected.

Q: What does AFK stand for?
A: Away From Keyboard.

Q: I lost my experience, what gives?
A: You crashed. Never alt-tab when you have experience or you will lose it when you crash. To save your experience, leave and rejoin the server.

Q: How do I go into windowed mode?
A: First make sure you have the console enabled. The option is found under Options->Game Options->Enable Console. Then press the tilde key (~) to open the console; it's located under the escape key. Lastly, type this into the console "\fullscreen 0" and "\vid_restart" (don't put the quotes).

Q: Is this a mod? or What mod is this?
A: Technically, our Rankup Server is not a mod. There are two servers running. The CodWaw server and the Archon server. If we mod the CodWaw server, no one can get experience. The Archon server monitors the CodWaw server and issues commands to it.

Q: Who ownes this server?
A: Owner is PawtSmokkirr, created by SlowNinja and Overflow.