Admin Guidelines

In general, the administrators exist to make the server work better.

Always warn people before you kick, strike or ban them.

A strike is a little stronger than a kick. Strikes go away after 36 hours.

  • First Strike - offender is kicked for 5 minutes
  • Second Strike - offender is kicked for 1 hour
  • Third Strike - offender has struck out, he is banned

Admin etiquitte

  • Don't ban users for disagreeing with you.
  • Try to give a reason with your kicks and bans.
  • Always give a warning before banning/striking someone.
  • Almost all the ratio commands (!warnratio, !kickratio, !strikeratio, !check) have a ratio parameter, use it.
  • (You can use !help to see what commands are available to you.)

Level 9 admin

  • Feel free to !setadmin players that deserve it. Please announce new admin on forums.
  • Level 9's can't demote other 9's and 8's only PawtSmokkirr can. Level 9's can only demote Level 7's and below. (Unless the demotion is an EMERGENCY demotion to save the server. You need to have a real good explination for pawtsmokkirr.) This is to protect 8's and 9's from bullying. 9's can nominate 8's to be voted on by level 9 admins. Make prudent decisions, if what you do is reasonable then its ok.

Admin level requirements
These are guidelines for setting the rank of new admins. These are guidelines, not rules. These were established to help limit the number of admins. Minimum requirement for a lvl 1 trial basis are; min 100k deaths, (1.000) ratio or higher, no broken rules, and follow admin instructions. Please don't demote someone just because they don't have the required number of deaths or adminstats. You can monitor them more strictly and demote them on the first sign of trouble. Of course if any admins are making fools of themselves or causing trouble in flow of things, please demote them but notify PawtSmokkirr.